"…an American original."

Bryan Wodaski, Queen City Performing Arts Development, Inc. Jan 2011 - Windsor Hall


Born in the music rich atmosphere of Western Pennsylvania, Duffy was surrounded by the sounds of Jazz, Blues, Country, and Classical, all of which contributed to his musical foundation. After paying his dues working in some of the Baltimore area's best bands, Duffy embarked on a solo career in the blues that took him from the east coast to the west coast throughout much of the 1990's. Keeping a grueling 250 night year schedule, Duffy played festivals and on stages with blues greats such as Johnny Winter, Big Jack Johnson, Tino Gonzales, Debbie Davies, Sonny Rhodes, the Nighthawks, and Smokey Wilson just to name a few. In 1996 Duffy recorded his first studio album "Let Your Insides Do the Talking" at 16th Street Studios in Nashville, TN with Brian Hardin (who co-produced Jerry Lee Lewis and Charlie Daniels.) Next came a live recording followed by 2 more studio albums, "Promised Land" in 2009 and "The Holy Ghost" in 2010. The word that best describes his music is "passion". He is engrossed in every performance and plays each one like it will be his last. Passion, with every phrase, pausing only to dig down harder & deeper to offer up more of the sounds of his soul. Kane plays with uncommon urgency and continually succeeds in delivering his message: passion for his music, his audience, and above all, for America which has given him the wealth of musical heritage from which he draws.


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Let Your Inside Do The Talking

1. I'll Play the Blues For You

2. Tears Are Falling

3. Hide Away

4. I Know You Been Crying

5. Spin My Head Around

6. Seventh Son

7. Let Your Insides Do the Talking

8. In My Darkest Hour

9. Blues for Mozart

10. Turn the Lights Down Low

11. Black Jack


Citizen Kane

1. Hummingbird

2. Paddula Waddel

3. Diamond in the Rough

4. Why My Road

5. Shine

6. Fate of the Union

7. Roadhouse Mozart

8. Freakin' Haywire

9. Son of the Republic

10. Live Free or Die

11. America the Beautiful




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