Tim Yarosh

"The Thunder Walrus"

Tim's show is a high-energy medley of original observations and clever self-criticism with his own brand of southern flavor. Tim's show is a robust but not “Politically Correct” look at life, love and the world that surrounds us. Tim is the funniest “Biker/Tough” Guy you will ever see, it is truly entertaining.

He has performed from New York to Florida at venues such as the world famous New York Comedy Club and Gotham Comedy in New York City. You will find his Southern views and take on life hilarious; he will keep you laughing from start to finish.

Another winning feature in Tim's show is his ability to think on his feet; he's highly intuitive about audiences and can quickly read a room and customize each show for each crowd, rearranging and adding improv to his scripted material of topics ranging from growing up in the country, to precarious dating situations. No two shows are alike, but one thing remains constant: Tim's comedy is always a sure thing.

Tim was born and raised in Havre De Grace, MD a town that is cliché small town America. His Father was a Biker and his Mother was the true Baptist Church member and Tim just spent most of his childhood in trouble

Noticing how well he could keep the attention of adults while telling stories about his adventures, Tim's mother told him then that he would either become a car salesman or a preacher. Nobody ever thought audiences would pay money to hear him, most people offer him money to go away

He has had various jobs and lived multiple experiences that give more material to entertain with then you can imagine. Now he his gracing the stages of Comedy Clubs all over with his twisted and somewhat perverted look at life and his philosophies.

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