“Between the years of 1944 and 1946, my father wrote over 200 love letters to my mother. It is out of these letters the inspiration behind my CD, Lettere D’Amore, comes to fruition.” Press Release, November 2010

A performing artist since early childhood, Elio Scaccio has been singing virtually his entire life. With the release of his breakout debut CD, Lettere D'Amore, this rising star is taking his audiences by storm. With his captivating, silky-smooth voice, ringing high notes, warm inviting tone, and unmistakable stage presence, Elio is quickly becoming an artist to watch out for. He is currently working on his second album, featuring more original compositions and re-invented arrangements of favorites, which will be released in 2012.

As a small boy, Elio developed a firm understanding of the relationship between melody and complex harmony—rare for such a young child. By the age of eight, he was already widely recognized as a gifted vocalist, appearing locally and regionally as part of an a-cappella troupe that included his two brothers. Thus began Elio’s lifelong musical journey!

By the time he reached high school, Elio already had years of experience performing both familiar standards as well as classical pieces. Throughout high school and college, the formal vocal training he had begun as a child, continued in earnest. As a student, he also studied theater arts and performance and not only performed in supporting roles on stage, but also won a number of leading roles. Despite a love for the classics, Elio also developed an interest in pop, jazz, and rock music.

In college, the budding tenor focused special attention on studying vocal jazz technique and performance. He also continued classical training during a summer semester at the renowned Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University.

While pursuing legitimate scholarly musical endeavors, Elio was fully engaged outside of the classroom with various rock and pop groups, a few of which he ultimately joined on tour. With these and later groups, he toured the entire East Coast performing in a variety of venues from Florida to Vermont, often to sold-out houses. Along the way, the shows routinely brought audiences to their feet and the music itself won critical acclaim, including international recognition. Scaccio recorded CDs with two separate professional touring bands during this period. One hit single, with the band Canvasback, spent over three weeks at the top of the charts as the #1 requested song on a pop radio station in Milan, Italy.

In recent years, Elio has appeared in a myriad of venues—including concert halls, clubs, festivals, TV and radio, across the country — performing an equally broad array of musical styles. Indeed, one of the truly distinguishing qualities of this talented artist is his ability to “crossover” between classical, pop standards, Italian ethnic, and occasionally, even the vintage rock, that was a mainstay during his college years. Elio is classically trained under the supervision of renowned Opera tenor, Gran Wilson. He launched his first solo CD, Lettere D’Amore (Letters Of Love), in November of 2010. This popclassical CD features original compositions written by the gifted artist, as well as Italian favorites. Follow the progress of this rising star, get concert information, purchase your very own copy of Lettere D’Amore, and stay in the loop on his upcoming release. Go to www.elioscaccio.com for all the details.


“In the tradition of the great Italian tenors, listening to Elio Scaccio transports you to a warmer, more loving, sun filled place where emotions take command. Beautiful, romantic, plaintive and thrilling at the same time, Elio's music travels in an instant from your ear to your heart.”
Denise Koch – Channel 13 News Baltimore

“Elio has become one of Baltimore’s great Italian singers.”
Channel 2 News Baltimore

"I've heard and performed with many of the great singers and Elio touches my soul just as much as Tony Bennett and Pavarotti."
Frank Vignola – World Famous Guitarist

“Elio's music brings the best of traditional Italian music combined with a modern contemporary sound which will appeal to young and old alike. Elio...has a depth of emotion which brings the songs to life. A sure winner that will captivate you and draw you into the story and the music!"
Jason Garrett – Pianist/Composer

“Elio sang at Carnegie Hall with poise and elegance. His passionate voice expressed and communicated to the audience effortlessly. They were enraptured with his wonderful singing. There are no airs about him as one usually finds with this caliber individual. Bravo Elio!”
Aaron Caruso- Italian Tenor


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Lettere D'Amore

1. Non Ti Voglio Lasciare

2. In Quel Momento

3. Coraggio

4. Chitarra Romana

5. Lettere D'amore

6. I Pray

7. Perdere L'amore

8. Non Voglio Piu

9. Ho Sognato Col Mio Cuore

10. Parlami D'amore, Mariu

11. Se Eravamo Amanti

12. La Strada Nel Bosco

13. Dicitencello Vuie





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