Founded in 2009 by Jesse Magee, Leftstronger's music combines all the elements of great rock & roll: catchy hooks, hard-driving rhythms, and strong vocal harmonies. Singer/song writer, Jesse Magee uses his amazing 3 octave vocal range to dramatic effect, and there's nothing like hearing him in person. Jesse's songs all have meaning, so they resonate with fans after only one play. The memorable melodies are enhanced by the extraordinary musicianship of guitarist Chris Souders, drummer Joe Wood, and Tony Nelson on bass. Leftstronger released their debut full-length album entitled "So Close," in 2010. The sophomore album is currently in the works, and it is expected to release sometime in 2014!!

See their website www.LeftStronger.com for more info and FREE downloads of 4 new tunes.

Leftstronger headlined Rams Head LIVE!, one of the best venues in the Nation for their CD Release Party to hundreds of fans on March 12, 2010! Everyone was awe struck!! They played for one hour and 10 minutes of total cheering!! 2 agents that I had arranged to see them were amazed and wanted a meeting as soon as possible. Not only is the music catchy-the agents said band's performance was engaging to the audience, consistent, so entertaining and leaving the audience wanting more and more!! Everyone said that Jesse, the lead singer's vocals shocked the crowd!!  


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1. So Close
2. Reborn
3. Chance For Romance
4. Drunken Wreck
5. Can It Be
6. Change The World
7. Open Your Mind
8. 1-5-06
9. Riot
10. Put Up A Fight
11. Pain & Misery
12. No More




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