Soul Fusion

Soul Fusion recently performed at Washington, D.C.’s world-renowned Blues Alley.

Meredith Seidel, band leader, is a rare and incredibly gifted songstress whose ever-increasing East Coast fan base has come to believe is simply "destined." An accomplished singer-songwriter in her own right, Seidel has been likened to the late, posthumously acclaimed Eva Cassidy—not only because some of their musical styling are similar, but also because Seidel's music as a whole seems to defy "genre" typecasting, as did Cassidy's. One minute she delivers up Gershwin, Kern, Berlin , Cole Porter, or Etta James, but the next it could be Janis Joplin, Nora Jones or anything in between, as she toggles between modern pop, standards, jazz, blues, gospel, and even folk.

Meredith can be riveting on stage and she has the raw talent and great looks to back it up. Her vocals are sensuous, earthy, and unmistakably heartfelt. She's genuine, spirited and soulful. Even when belting out time-tested standards, she sings them "her" way, seemingly creating something "new" every time. Her renditions of even the most familiar tunes have an "edge.” Older covers consistently sound fresh and never trite. She readily admits to never singing a song exactly the same way—something only a gifted and supremely confident artist would dare undertake.

Her talent for and love of songwriting is never ending. She started at a very young age and continues to write heart-felt and captivating songs. She also writes anthems for personal business ventures, “Singvitations” and “Anthems for a Cause.”

Meredith Seidel - Vocals
Ro Cube - Piano
Bennette Scher - Guitars


Set List:
1. Come To My Window

2. New York State Of Mind

3. Sweet Child Of Mind

4. Sunday Kind Of Love

5. Don't Stop Believing

6. Ordinary People

7. One

8. Let It Be

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