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Affordable DJ & Live Band Combo for Your Wedding

If you're stuck choosing between a live band or a dj, we have the perfect option for you. We offer a band/ DJ combo for your special day. This ensures that you get the best of both types of entertainment at a very affordable price!

Interested in having a great live rock band perform for your guests, but you also want the style and huge play list of a professional wedding emcee/DJ? Got you covered. The DJ handles traditional emcee duties, the energizing entrance, announcements and traditions. Once the party gets rolling our DJ and Band split sets! The music and fun do not stop with this memorable high energy showstopper option.

Great entertainment is the key to a memorable wedding celebration. Many couples will debate over what songs should and should not be played at their wedding. But the first decision will usually be to hire either a live band or a professional DJ. We offer a talented team of musicians who are excited to provide you with a top notch wedding experience.

We offer the best Live Band/DJ combo in the Region for those who decide to go with both...without breaking the bank. A full band and disc jockey working together, seamlessly transitioning between sets... and more affordable than you might think. Live music/DJ combinations are a very effective way to please all of your guests.

Band/DJ Combos starting at only $1500!! All Taxes Included.


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